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August 07, 2017


Poppa Zao

The thing with me and my blog is that I've been so busy I haven't had much time to write at length. And there's so much to discuss, especially now. Doing the column has whetted my interest in local history, and I'd like to write more on that.

But I try to post regularly, even if only a video or links or embedded tweets.

I agree with you about the faux-transgressionism.


Brandon: I know how busy you are!


Nice to see you with your family. I know you have mentioned that your husband is still working, and I see that he is wearing a Microsoft t-shirt. Does he work for Microsoft?


dkzody: Terry works as a contractor for a high tech startup company.

Ole Phat Stu

I disagree about the "need" for coherence. This is just YOUR need(the Mandelbrot set is just a simple equation if you understand it).
Let blogs just be brain-fart dumps, like this comment ;-)


Stu: Surely you jest!


I hope all continues to go as well with you as possible with this last chemo treatment. Refinement of cancer medical treatments have evolved in such a way, since my SIL's experience forty years ago, that all who are coping benefit today -- and I'm glad to know you are as well.

I recall the potential I envisioned for television and the reality of what developed pre-internet. I have little difficulty believing the promise of this present technology will evolve -- fall short(?) -- of what many, such as yourself, may envision.


Joared: But so much has already changed. We are like the people at the turn of the 20th Century, not having a clue as to what lay ahead.

Cheerful Monk

"It distresses me that more people aren't using personal blogging or treat it like a 'back door' medium for their stray thoughts. Trivia is OK, but there needs to be some coherence, a point of view, if you will."

I post every day and write about anything that catches my fancy. I don't worry about coherence, I figure sharing the things that interest us is a good use for blogging.


Cheerful MonK: I like your blog. It cheers me up!

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