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August 10, 2017



There was a lot of excitement when Wonder Woman premiered because of Gal Gadot's standout performance last year in Batman vs. Superman. The movie itself was fine; it centers on her quest to find and vanquish Ares.


It has a story line? Hard to figure out in all that confusion!


Delighted to hear all is continuing to go well with your chemo. Amazing to me Kaiser is covering all that beyond just the cataract surgery itself, but there are different policies I expect. I'm not a fan of these comic book movies and super personas. Orchids lovely -- glad you're able to save some of them.


I was an avid reader of comics as a kid and they really helped me to learn to read for pleasure. Wonder Woman was a favorite, but she was not sexualized.


All full of piss and vinegar I see. Enjoy the day. I avoideD WW: why are all female heroes made into sexual objects? I could never run anywhere with my breasts hanging out of an inadequate bra, not to mention the cantilevering to perk them up. Ouch.

45 is a total yawn. What an appalling specimen.



Re foreign-born nurses and medical workers, Brexit is having a drastic effect. Many doctors and nurses, fearful for their future after Brexit, aren't waiting for the worst but are already moving to other countries where they are more welcome. The NHS is in dire straits already, and this will just add to the staffing crisis.


I too remember the amnesty of the 80s -- for a different reason. Because so many workers from Mexico found it all incomprehensible, a worthy industry of non-profits assisting the process quickly sprung up. When, in California, in 1994, Republicans went on the attack against immigrants (Prop. 187) these institutions were just gob-smacked -- and too often quite useless in defending the people who were their constituencies and reason for being. That is NOT happening under Trump. There is a quite developed and sophisticated legal and organizing push-back, not that it can help many individuals. You have nailed it: they are attacking the solidly middle class immigrants who have succeeded!

Mage Bailey

Just overjoyed that you feel so good. You bet you are in my thoughts.


I'm so glad to see that things are going well and that Kaiser is treating you well. We're lucky in Hawaii to have these options available.

Trump? Sigh... Incredibly, he does still have supporters.


I saw your tweet about The Nation. Does that affect the discussion group we've attended?


Thank you, well wishers! I really am feeling better every day!
Wisewebwoman: Those movies are tiresome. I was particularly annoyed at their take on WW I. Something about Hemingway in there to provide a little class, was it? How literary. Anyway, it did provide acting jobs for lots and lots of men. It's just all such crap. And that whatever at the beginning with the women who just stayed where they were and made no difference? Well...
Nick: Not one of my regular doctors is "white." They are mostly born here and U.S. citizens. I'm sorry that GB is being hit so hard, but did they not see this coming? Well, we are no better. We are stuck with Trump.
Jan: I was wondering what would help. At that time I was very naive about politics, but I saw what the motives for amnesty were. I was closer to the ground, so to speak. I never thought those people were safe. It is so easy for immigrants to adapt to the superficialities of American life and not to be aware of the underlying tensions or to believe that these matters didn't apply to them personally if they were successful here.
Brandon: I don't think so. If it were really a Nation discussion group we would discuss content from The Nation, but we seldom do. We could change the name, maybe.
The one time I suggested that I share my observations on a Nation Magazine Cruise, the person who decided on discussions squelched that. You'd think people would want to know about what I learned! I almost considered quitting then. I do like the participants, though, and will come on Fri. if I'm up to it. I think Dorothy is very sharp. I might sometime like to discuss the pro-Russia and Putin stance of The Nation. I think I know why this has happened, just from observing editor Vanden Hueval and her husband Richard Cohen in the flesh, so to speak. Burned into my memory is svelte bikini-clad Vandenheuvel rubbing sunscreen into Cohen's back on a Caribbean beach. She has had a lot of work done, as they say. He is a lot older and decidedly unglamorous. I felt like a spy, observing them off their guard. Maybe not as irrelevant as we think, when considering the politics of the well-heeled left. Terry attended a lecture Cohen gave and was quite convinced by his argument at that time. So he has some huge stake in backing up Putin. What that might be? Probably money. Pure speculation on my part, of course. These things fascinate me but don't seem to resonate much with this group.

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