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August 03, 2017



I'm glad you are doing so well. Sounds like an interesting group at chemo.

I'm taking a Trump break. I've been sick and he is just more than I can cope with at the moment.

Weather here is remarkably cool for August in Houston. Even had some much needed rain.

Hope all goes well with your thoracentesis.


Over 100 here now for days and very humid (for our standards). I awoke with a migraine and cancelled the days' plans. I may feel good enough, though, to go to an event downtown this evening. It will be hot, but I think I can manage. I was out in it yesterday evening till 8 and managed ok in the air conditioned car.


Any other President I am concerned about privacy. But this idiot tweets everything and anything on his mind, so letting others share is not a big leap.


Tabor: Agreed.

Celia Andrews

I'd expect all of you laughing together is a shot in the arm and you don't have to explain things to but can share how you feel and how you manage.

I'd like to ignore Trump but haven't managed it so far. Trying to spend less time being pissed off.


Glad all is going as well as it is for you. So much new in DT saga revealed throughout each day everywhere so can't miss developments. Just want to see investigation continue, leaving no stone unturned. My main concern, that system holds with any constitutional protection weaknesses not exploited.

Mage Bailey

You do sound good. Hugs.
Nope we have been warm, 80's, with 89% humidity. Not at all usual for us here on the border. Glad the Mexican prez flat out said NO to the Trump insistence that he pay for the wall. Bravo.


Glad to know you're feeling better than expected. But the heat must be pretty uncomfortable.

I'm just constantly amazed that Trump wasn't laughed or impeached out of office months ago.


Sister, Jo, and I are sitting on the beach in Northern California with our jackets on, enjoying the naturally cooled air. Wish I could just sit here all summer. Redding was 110 degrees. Hilo sounds marvelous.
You sound in good spirits, so necessary when fighting these diseases. Jo struggles with her Parkinsons--she calls it 'her abusive boyfriend' who shoves her around and makes her life so difficult. She says she is determined to 'chase him off' someday. Jo has a good sense of humor--she says her shaking makes stirring food much easier.
Another plus--it is hard to pick up wifi, news or TV on this coast so my blood pressure has dropped way down. Here's hoping they get rid of T-rump soon.

Linda P.

I hope you feel better after your procedure. You don't complain, do you, but having to go in for repeated procedures must tax your strength when you want to conserve it for living the life you want right now. As to the leaks about President Trump's conversations, one woman has no qualms about that at all: Congresswoman Maxine Waters. She seemed to feel that President Trump is so far out of line that we need to be alerted to what he is doing.

Linda P.

In case my stance was not clear in the previous post, I wasn't quibbling with Congresswoman Waters' stance. I'm not sure what the more ethical stance should be right now when we have a president who has crossed that ethical and moral red line a long time ago, but I loved hearing someone with not a shred of doubt about what she thought should be done.

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