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September 02, 2017


Silver Willow

looks lovely. All of it!

Mage Bailey

Delightful painting too.


The Peace comes through. So glad that you are enjoying yours in such tasteful, inviting surroundings. [I like your friend]


Watching a cat unfrazzles all nerves.
I really like the large painting and also the one in the lower left corner. Is it one of yours?
BTW, I thought of you during the eclipse and wished you could have been there.


He looks as sweet as sugar there! But no doubt plotting some mischief....

That's a lovely view of your dining room.


What a lovely painting. Cheerful and interesting.
Your black kitty reminds me of my Henry.
Hope you are feeling well.


The painting is by Jessie Lawson. She is my oldest friend (going back to grade school) and a fine person, all around, with many talents. I have several of her paintings. She is taking a break from advertising and selling her work right now, but when she starts offering things for sale again I'll post about it.
Kitty cat is growing up to be a fine, strong cat. He has gentled down a lot. I'm so glad we were able to enjoy his adorable kittenhood with him. He really cheered me up on some dark days.
Toni: The work on the lower left is one of my Buddha Board Photo Shop creations. The display screen is the kind designed to show photos but works quite well for this purpose. I have a dozen or so of these works that change every few minutes, so there is a variety of them to look at. Keeps things interesting. You can see more of them on my art blog, too. (sidebar)

Cop Car

Are you canning the corn - OR - why the pressure cooker?


Cop Car: Just faster.


I like your view. I would think the peace you feel, looking at that, will help you feel better. And, of course, the cat always makes us feel better.

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