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September 13, 2017



From the comments. You wrote about Stephen Cohen:

"I have a tape of his talk on Russia that he gave on the cruise and will listen to it to see if I can find any nuggets of wisdom in it."

Do you still have it? What nuggets did you extract?


Brandon: Sorry. Terry erased it.


This comment has nothing to do with your blog, but your young cat looks kinda sorta like 2 that I have. One is Sidney, who is about 2 years old (and goes nutzoid in the evenings zipping here and there), and the other one is about a year and a half old and lost an eye to feline herpes (but is not handicapped in any way by that!). She's a sweetie pie, but she likes to kill geckos (and I like geckos). I hope you are doing well.

Cheerful Monk

I'm glad you found some places that were still enjoyable. It's too bad that mass tourism is ruining so many places.


Cheerful Monk: Well, mass tourism, bad as it is, did not do nearly as much harm to St. Maartens as Hurricane Irma did.

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