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October 12, 2017



Calistoga is still there, but evacuated. The fire fighters have stayed on their lines, not wanting to leave. The work has been amazing.


Dkzody: Thanks for the good news.


It's really incredible how many tragic catastrophes seem to be occurring right now one after the other. My daughter's very good friend was 17 miles away from the fires two days ago and hadn't evacuated. I hope she's OK. It's so scary.


Truly frightening and never ending it seems.

I understand your worry at not hearing.

Love the photo.


Ole Phat Stu

outa here!


Seems there is so much tragedy I cannot keep up!!

Cheerful Monk

My niece and family evacuated days ago. They couldn't stand the tension and had family to stay with --- far way from the fire. The were some of the lucky ones. It's horrible.


Sayeed is a fantastic cat name. I will use it one day too.


Z: Current TLC has short article on Vallejo.


What is TLC?


Sorry. TLS. Times Literary Supplement.


Tabor: Lost your comment. Agree that there is so much tragedy one can't keep up.


Hope winds don’t kick up as increasing containment last I heard. Hope all well with your loved ones.


I am not seeing it, but I am seeing one from June 2016.
I love the TLS and should read it.

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