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November 09, 2017



Hope you’ll be feeling better soon. Craziness in the world manages to continue with or without our postings, so there will be plenty yet for you to address when feeling perkier. Some positive indicators in recent elections you’re likely to be pleased to know. Glad Terry with you to ease as much as possible. I picture the lovely orchids you’ve shared here in your photos. Strong caring thoughts coming your way.........


As we think about you...it's a hard battle you are fighting. Praying God will give you rest and healing.

Esther Kottke

Dearest Hattie, I don't have a blog but I want to let you know how much I admire your spirit. I began following you in 2007 and by looking at your blog friends have shared your interesting world. Your thoughtful posts have shown me your way of dealing with life. I am in your corner and check on you daily. Thank you for your willingness to share the difficult times as well as the easier days. Much Aloha to you. Esther


Thinking of you too. If you need anything, call me anytime.


Sending you all the positive thoughts I can, Hattie. I hope this is a temporary downturn and you'll be feeling better soon -- and please know how much I admire your spirit, your attitude and humor. Love to you and Terry.


We are thinking about you too!! Hope you feel better soon.

Ole Phat Stu

It's a hard struggle for you; wishing you improvement and thinking of you. Perk up :-)

Silver Willow

ah nuts. I'm so sorry. Get well.


Many many good wishes to you. Thinking of you.

Cop Car

Save your strength. We can wait.

Mage Bailey

I think of you on and off every day. Sending love and hugs.


Shyte. Oh Hattie. Conserve yourself. We're here. Your loysls. Holding you in love and light.


Cheerful Monk

Yes, I hope you start feeling better soon. :(


Gosh, I am so sorry about this. I hope you are better today...

Toni larson

I'm so sad that you are feeling low. I'm sending all kinds of supporting thoughts in your direction. Also an email or two when you feel up to it. Love to you and Terry.


Thinking of you. We're wandering about in a car in the Northwest, so I'm less regular in my visits, but you remain in the back of my distracted mind. Be well.


Just missing you. And so sorry it is so hard

Ole Phat Stu

How are you feeling today (15th)?


And still thinking of you.


Remember old radio Bob and Ray comic duo’s advice, “Hang by your thumbs and write if you get work!” Continuing to send caring thoughts your way.


How are you doing?


Better today. Not too bad.

Ole Phat Stu

Good to hear it :-)

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