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March 26, 2007



Lucky, indeed! There is very little standing between an old woman and a nursing home. Maybe a few bucks or a relative who is willing to provide the care.


In our case, more than a few bucks, as you can see. You would think that so much money would mean that my mother in law lives in stylish luxury. No. She is comfortable and her needs are looked after in her own home by kind and loving women we can pay a living wage to. That's what it costs if you're going to treat caregivers fairly.
This means we can continue to work, travel, see our grandchildren, etc. and have not had to tap our personal assets.
If she could not afford this, we would find a couple of boarders who also needed care and share the cost with them.
No nursing homes. Not unless they are very very good, and we don't have even good ones here.


thanks for reporting on the case of your mother-in-law. My stepmom (who you will remember) is now on the verge of needing to be institutionalized, though we're keeping her at home for as long as possible, with good in-home care. Unfortunately the term "care" is gravely misused in our time, as in "long-term care." The care is mainly exercised in making sure that the health "care" INDUSTRY(now there's a more apt term) gets its big piece of the pie.

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