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September 27, 2009



I wish this exhibit had been on when we were in Paris! You make some great points about women's art, thank you. I saw quite a bit of Niki St. Phalle's work, including the fountain near the Pompidou, she uses a lot of humour and colour, yet does very serious work of which you show a great example.


Marja-Leena: St Phalle worked in many media and in many ways. Her imagination was enormous. And she could be very funny in some of the cartoons she did, too. I'm glad I saw that Nice exhibit that showed so much of her work.
I'm no artist, but I know what I like, ha ha. Maybe more to the point: I know what I don't like!


This all is quite interesting Hattie. Welcome home sweet friend... ~Joy


Thanks, Joy. I'm sitting in my office at 4:30. It's pitch dark and perfectly quiet. I'm glad to be home.


You wake up that early?!

(Usually I arise at six.)


Jet lag.

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