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May 29, 2010



I can't control what other people do, not even in my own family. My reality is not their reality. We are all on our own in that respect. Maybe it's fantasy, but right now I feel pretty upbeat about my life. Things might change drastically in the future, but right now, things couldn't be better...

naomi dagen bloom

No accounting for atheists, I guess. Would not have expected you'd be drawn to such "sweet" images. My own taste in art outside my beliefs runs to retablos from Mexico which often feature odd occurrences made real with drops of blood a particularly graphic feature.


Naomi:Maybe a certain amount of distancing is necessary to enjoy works of art for what they are. The sanguinary nature of Mexican art (and life) feels a little to close to home for me.


Gigi: I'm the same way about my life, which is very good in most ways. I don't really feel apprehensive about my personal future. But...

Anne Gibert

I imagine that a life of community college teaching would be hard to take. I have done some of that, and it certainly requires a good dose of suffering fools as gladly as possible.

I understand your wistful thoughts about immortal souls. Like you, I don't believe in the supernatural, but I sometimes wish I could.

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