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June 01, 2012



Interesting people you mingle with, Hattie. Never heard of a day of silence. Lol. What next? Disappear from home for a week?


We're headed for trouble and it appears to be around the world. There are positive lights in it all though like Clinton going to Wisconsin.\

And I like your new photo with the wind blowing your hair, a very healthy and lovely look. Positive


we do live in perilous times, not the least because there is so much erxpen$ive obfuscation abroad!

Enjoy your weekend!
Aloha from Waikiki
Comfort Spiral

Kay Dennison

I think it's all pretty scary. But here in my neck of the woods it's pretty calm -- so far. I spent part of this evening at our city's monthly First Friday celebration of the arts recruiting volunteers for Obama and most people were pretty nice whether they like Obama or not.


Gigi: It seems like a way to create some space for yourself. Relationships can get too heated up, and silence could have a cooling effect, I guess.
Rain: Thanks. I am healthy but big! Tall, not fat but "family size," as my daughter puts it!!
Cloudia: Indeed, the money madness is amazing.
Kay: I'm glad to hear that. We get along around here, too, so far. I'm going to a voting registration drive/event tomorrow, mostly to network, because as a League member I am not willing to register voters. We could get sued, as the Florida League was, if registration forms are found to be "improper," but we are having two county-run drives in the coming months, where we will be trained and vetted.
Nice weekend, everyone!!!

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