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September 24, 2012



Great photos! Sorry to hear about the illness though. Get well quick, y'all.

Much as I feel a wee bit of envy, I don't think I would have survived that climb as well as my height phobia! So I'm enjoying all this from the comfort of home, so do keep the photos and stories coming!


Looking forward to them all!

Henry Hank Chapin

INCREDIBLE PICTURES!!! In the second one with you and Terry, are those foundation remnants behind you? That picture is really something because you are ABOVE the ruins. Also, you look so happy in the first picture. And the ring around the sun? Fantastic! Terry must have an explanation for that. Thinner atmosphere? And look how wonderful snug the big stones are joined in that wall. In my opinion, and I've never been higher than Denver, Colorado but I did get sick there so my opinion is worthless, anyway, you have to watch your exertion level.


These are great pics Hattie. I especially like the one of Terry and you at Machu Picchu...gorgeous. I hope Terry feels better very soon...and I hope you're not next. Stay well and have fun... ~Joy


Beautiful shots of the mountains, family and sun. Looking forward to more -- barbara


We are pushing it to do this but we were not the only older people up there. The altitude training we did was a necessity.


Cool picutres!! I like windblown you with walking stick.


With Art it was the ceviche that did it. I'm so sorry you're being hit by the bad stomachs. Fabulous photos though!!!


Your trip is amazing! I hope that everyone recovers from their illnesses in time to enjoy it.

It was amusing to see Inca Cola showcased local color as in my neighborhood it is pretty standard and is available in all the grocery stores.

Looking forward to more blog entries and more pics!


Fantastic trip and photos, Hattie, bravo for undertaking it.It looks as if it would be very cold up there but obviously not since you're not wearing heavy clothes.

I've always found Inca culture fascinating, though frightening, and I'd love to have visited Peru when I lived in South America. But I'm as uneasy with altitude as I am with the inevitable Turista misery so seeing your adventure onscreen is a treat. Keep well and post more pics! Good health and speedy recovery to all of you.


It is strange that I, the oldest and least fit of us four, should not have gotten sick, while the others have, of both turista and altitude sickness. I took it easier and ate less than they did. I tend to be cautious. Of course, I, too, could meet my fate!
And it pleases me no end that you all want to share these adventures. As time and availability to Internet connections permit, I´ll post more pix.
I would not have missed this for the world, with the possible exception of Juliaca, a terrible poverty ridden place that we must return to tomorrow in order to catch the plane from Puno back to Cusco.
It hasn´t been very cold anywhere, and we have been blessed with bright blue skies. It´s heaven today in Puno.


Amazing pictures! And amazing to think of you in Puno! Did you go inside the cathedral? I had this classic, movie like experience there once, had gotten up early and it was very sunny in that Andean way, nobody was up, heard music from inside the church and went in, priest was in there on the huge pipe organ rocking Beethoven, really loud, with 3 native american types in non western clothes quietly visiting those little chapels they have in the sides of churches. Huge cathedral and very austere in an austere square in that austere town in that austere landscape, everything so pure somehow.

Yes: watch exertion level and undereat.


Helas I did not get inside the cathedral. I've had similar experiences in France though.
I'm fine today the others are better.

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