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October 24, 2012


Henry Hank Chapin

As a theatre buff, I give this video an A+ for its choreography, music, and production. It's a hoot. Now I have to research this guy---Nick Lowe. I gave up generalizing about differences between the sexes a long time ago. My late wife honored me by saying I am a feminist and that I like women as people. I took it as being essentially true. I have found age to be one sore spot where some fudging goes on with women. As the man in the Athens Airport said in Greek when our cousin gave her age---"add three years." The only thing is he didn't know she understood Greek! So, I'll leave it at that this morning.

My ballot finally came in the mail, and I'll VOTE today. They lost two weeks because of their snafu of sending out two ballots each to 800 or so people in Manoa. Sounds like Florida.


I never lie about my age. My weight on the other hand... I am tall though and have not shrunk any.
Nothing on Oahu could beat the big mess we had at the primary. I wrote about it at the time. Things looked OK yesterday when we voted.


You may be surprised by this but do not agree! We have to be selective same as when talking about "dumb blondes.' Hilary is really smart, yes? "Beware of white men in dark suits" was a rubber stamp made by a friend as central to our anti-war efforts in early 1990s. Put it on everything we mailed. Closer geographically back then to the guys in power in D.C.

Have another great visit with the family!


Naomi: I'll phone soon.
As Twisty of I Blame the Patriarchy would put it: all men are liars except for my Nigel!

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