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October 26, 2012


Henry Morris Graves' "Blind Bird" Chapin

I have just one word for you---Morris Graves. Oops that's two words. Anyhoo, Graves is my favorite modern American artist and Seattle is the hub of his activity. I wonder what paintings of his, if any, the Seattle Art Museum has.


I believe they have some works of his but I didn't see them. I will go back sometime on this trip and check it out.
I thought the museum lacked focus. I expect a museum to have some individual character. But this one just seems bland. Trying too hard to please everyone and offend no one I expect.

Henry Morris Graves' "Blind Bird" Chapin

Consistent with that women's art show, you could somehow take those pictures of women as trophy heads from the Animals' video and make some kind of work of art with a wry commentary out of them.

Going to the websire for the show started me on a Morris Graves search and I contacted a dealer who has one available. My idea of excitment. But the weekend has begun and all must slow down to a crawl.

If you are waited upon by an intelligent waif majoring in soc/environmental at UDub who just lost her beloved dog with, boo hoo, tattoos (and I don't mean a small discreet one) who is named Gina, why that would be my granddaughter.


EEEE! I have that espress machine from nespresso, but mine is smaller. Must have the milk whipper. It really does make perfect EASY cappucinos. Half the cost of the Breville giant espresso machine we could never get to work properly. On a related note, I found out one of my friends has a friend she calls "Spendy Spice."


If I understand correctly, you will not find any art by any male artist currently at SAM.


Hank: She sounds like a typical Seattleite!
Queen: Terry says the Nespresso will be an early Xmas present to me. He is so generous.
Psilotum: I'm looking at the art by my woman friends--Jessie Lawson, Elizabeth Schwarz, Marja-Leena Rathje-- on the walls of the condo here. None of their work is at SAM!

naomi dagen bloom

Quite a mix here--women's art to coffee-makers. What would Martha Rosler make of all that? Geez, is there a collection somewhere that will include this curious curatorial statement, "will excite the casual viewer as much as the hardboiled expert." Very entertaining.

You seem to have thrown yourself head first, so to speak, in cultural life of Seattle. Last night we saw "That Hopey, Changey Thing" here in more modest PDX. Good local production of play presented in NYC couple of years ago, seems to revolve around politics there but really about family.

Pouring outside in morning...probably there too!


Semiotics of the Kitchen was there. It's on You Tube also.

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