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October 31, 2012



Excellent post, Hattie - I love how you've tied in Rauchenburg's piece. Yes, it is hard to change the way we live but the day will come that we'll have no choice at all, and it will be our children and grandchildren who will suffer.

I've been enjoying NYT for the past couple of days. So many papers are going behind paywalls.

Rain Trueax

We watched 'Day after Tomorrow' again last night and besides being scary, it is amazing how much the beginning looks like the news videos we had seen earlier on TV. The explanation for why this is happening is clearly laid out in that film. Yeah maybe more dramatic and coming slower... or maybe not. We all need to be ready because whatever we do now, it looks like the die is cast. If our government won't do anything about the preventative and protective steps, we better as with the oceans rising, becoming warmer and less saline (with the ice cap melt), a lot of this can't be turned back, and we just have to ride it out-- those of us who can. Whether I will see the worst of it at my age is hard to say, but it's something I care about for my grandchildren and their children. We need to have contingency plans for us and our loved ones.


I don't know how up to date GoogleEarth is. My house still shows trees cut down four years ago.


Yes. Google Earth shows our house with the old paint job.


Hattie -- I know you are concerned about your friends as many folks are that have not heard words from their friends and relatives. It is a horrific time in NJ/NY and yes reality is back. Your fantastic art by Robert Rauschenberg is a fitting reflection of our society right now, "caution watch your step." There are a small minority of folks that are fighting back the cultural consumption ways. Today I talked with a woman that has lived in a tepee for five years using solar power panels to cook and also to heat water. My son lives in a dome tent in Oregon and gave up his truck 2 years ago to use only a bike for transportation. I imagine your state is full of people like this. I lived in Oregon for quite a while and found many folks practicing less is better. Not only young folks are considering a simpler life but old hippies are along with middle age folks. Old hippies are just that, old now but still with a fighting spirit. I'm not advocating that everyone should live in a tent or tepee but I see so much room to live without being so consumptive. Very good post! -- barbara


Thanks Barbara.


Hope you hear of your NJ/NY friends and they're okay. Am wondering about my NYC family, but think it's likely the worst they've experienced is power outage. VA dtr said storm there not as fierce for them as had been predicted which had been true of Irene, too. This time, they didn't lose power, but had lots of rain, high winds -- trees around the house remained standing -- said it was really cold now though.

There is a day of reckoning whether or not in our lifetime, our children's or grandchildren's -- when many of us will no longer be around. In So Cal they increasingly dredge up sand at those expensive Malibu beach houses. When does man adapt to nature instead of spending extravagant monies trying to make nature adapt to man?


Joared: I'm glad your family in the east is O.K. We still haven't heard anything from our friends and are getting quite worried about them.


I'm glad the tsunami came to naught. Hilo hasn't had a big one since 1960.

The cover of Bloomberg BusinessWeek:


Cop Car

If you are having trouble reaching your loved
ones in a disaster area, try searching on Safe
and Well.
• Visit redcross.org/safeandwell and
click “Search Registrants.”
• Enter the person’s full name and then
choose Option 1 (search by phone
number) or Option 2 (search by complete
home address).
• Click “Search Entries.”
• Results will only show the person’s name,
the date and time of registration, and
the messages they chose to share—just
enough information to provide peace of
mind until normal communications can
be restored.
• If your loved one is not listed, and if he
or she had a serious, pre-existing health
or mental health condition, contact your
local Red Cross to initiate an Emergency
Welfare Inquiry.

The above info is from a public brochure put out by The American Red Cross


Thanks a lot for this. It could be of great help. Luckily, as you will see above, we have gotten word from, and even a picture of, the friends in Point Pleasant, the ones we were most worried about.

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