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January 25, 2013



Thank you for getting me the Seattle papers. Will you include Real Change?


Yes. I have two copies. You can also get the content off the web site.


The best solution to the homeless issue is one that was developed in Toronto by a philanthropist who consulted with the homeless themselves as to what they'd like to see in a building he was designing for and by them.

I'll be keen to hear what you learn, Hattie. I've talked to many myself and they have a horror of standardized dwellings.



Hattie -- Real Change is a great little paper. I wonder if other large cities have something similar. -- barbara


Wikipedia has an excellent article on street newspapers. There are a lot of them.

naomi dagen bloom

Once again that odd synchronicity between us, Marianna, between our day-apart blogs. My sense is that Portland tries to do the right thing about homelessness in one way, but since there's not enough spent on mental health, addiction treatment, a big problem continues.

"Street Roots" is the paper here; someone is always selling at PSU, also Zupan's in Hawthorne, and many places around town.

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