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April 30, 2013



Roundup is terrifying. Monsanto rules with the blessing of governments.

Love the first page of web.



Actually "Portuguese" is an ethnicity in New England too. Usually refers to people from the Azores or Brazil. How's that for an oddment of information? :-)


Wisewebwoman: Even in these days of corporate malfeasance, Monsanto stands out.
janinsanfran: Well, it is an ethnicity rather than a race designation. Here it is actually something akin to a race designation. Yes, it's odd and hard to explain. They were not quite white. I'm part Portuguese, and my husband's cousin thinks it's funny to call me a "Pordagee" and think that accounts for some of my personal traits. She does not get it that she's being impolite (to put it nicely).
Perhaps a parallel would be the Northern European attitudes toward Southern Europeans. As far as I understand, the Portuguese who came here were from the Azores.

Cop Car

"Well, maybe if people understand that it's poison they will stop using it."

Oh, my dear, sweet, Hattie. It is cute that you can still believe this. But then, I can understand your naiveté: You ARE a year younger than yours truly!
Cop Car
P.S. Unfortunately, one of the tenants of the survival of the fittest is to mistrust/slander/de-humanize anyone who can be classified as "other" from ourselves.


Cop Car: But remember when people sprayed DDT everywhere?

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