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April 26, 2013



The challenge for me when I go to the book sales is not to load up on books because I have so many! But I hope to go tomorrow and browse.


Gosh! I haven't read a paper book in such a long time. I'm so used to the Kindle now.

Kay Dennison

I love our library's sales but am trying to avoid them -- I'm on overload for "gotta reads". As it is, I stopped at Books a Million last week -- just to kill time and emerged $20 later. Sigh.

Henry Hank Chapin

Books a Million--what a great name. My favorite bookstore in Cincinnati was called Acres of Books. I am a bookstore nut.

Right now, however, I am clearing out my books and some good ones too. They are in boxes waiting to go to the Friends of the Library for their annual sale.


I am dangerous around such thing, Hattie with my overload of books everywhere.

I wonder when the revolt in Bangladesh will start, such horrific working conditions to fuel the lust for cheap teeshirts at this side of the globe.



Love book sales. Have not been to a good one in a long time. But in the mean time I peruse the books at our local used book store. -- barbara


I went yesterday and filled a bag of books.


Type Pad is swallowing my comments again. This is a test.

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