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June 26, 2013


Rain Trueax

Last time and this time I did have a comment swallowed, I think. It claims it was saved for moderation but it doesn't show up for me to see it and I think that means it's not. I'll get in the habit of copying them before I hit post.


Rain: Good plan. I did not see any of your comments in the spam filter. I'm surprised this is happening to you. Sorry. But all the blogs are reeling now from spam attacks.


I am delighted we can get married and even more delighted that the feds will recognize the relationship. After 35 years, this ain't about romance (though the love lives!) but about inheritance and joint property and so forth. We went through the rigamarole of trying to make legal arrangements, but none of that really works without federal recognition. And our tax stuff has been crazy.

Also, and this is especially good, it means that if there is some saner immigration system, gay couples will be able to unify under it. I know 3 sets of couples who've had to emigrate because they couldn't jump immigration hoops that would be little problem to married people.

I just hope that gay people who feel freed by this don't think they can stop being a force on the side of all the communities that need rights -- like unhindered right to vote ...


Janinsanfran: Congratulations are in order! Yes, this is what I've been hearing, that people in long-term, committed relationships and people who could not get their partners into the country are going to benefit greatly from this.
BTW: Did you know that Justice Roberts' brother is gay, lives in California and is planning to marry his partner? (:
It's a big change, but I do fear that conservatives are going to use this to say, now see, we're not prejudiced! But real acceptance is another matter, and I remain wary. SF is still way way ahead of the curve on this one.


"[C]onservatives are going to use this to say, now see, we're not prejudiced!"

The ruling against DOMA?


Brandon: Exactly.


Hattie: Re distaste for sodomy, the younger generation has found a way to solve that problem. The young hetero couples have anal sex with each other these days. Voila! Nobody cares if gay people have anal sex, because everyone does. lol

[This may be more information than you want in your blog--if so, just don't print this comment.]


Maria: One of the few things that make me glad I'm not young any more.

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