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June 28, 2013



I love your orchid pictures. I am seeing so many different types of plants here in the northwest. It makes me miss my garden. Today I saw BLACK PETUNIAS! I'm not sure I like them but they sure got my attention.
Please give my sister a hug for me.
Finally, looking at the pictures of those workers made me slightly ill. I wondered if they are supporting families.


Terry and Mary and I were out in the backyard, and I found another orchid that is fabulous. All I did was a little extra fertilizing, and my orchids have gone wild!


Roofers have some special rules for fall protection but normally if you can fall 15 feet then they need to be tied off or have a railing.

Cop Car

I've spent my share of time on ladders and roofs; but, our current home has a roof pitch too steep for me to venture on it. However, it would not occur to me that to worry about those roofers as they go about their tasking. I must be missing the worry gene.


When we had the photo voltaics put in, they said they would take every safety precaution. Well... They had the safety harnesses, but they never attached them!


I'm hearing that it is impossible to do that kind of work well while wearing a safety harness.


Nothing is impossible. Expensive and inconvenient, yes, but not impossible. Last year, on a local project a father of 4 young children fell 22 feet off a bridge and was killed. He was wearing a harness but it was not tied to anything.


Ingineer: We have some men taking down our coconuts from our tall trees, which has to be done every year or so, because they are dangerous if they fall on your head. They use safety equipment, or they don't work for us! And they are insured, too.

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