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July 30, 2013


Rain Trueax

around here we call that dodging a bullet and always feel good for it. Of course, better when it peters out rather than goes a different direction and hits someone else.


The news shows did make it sound as though the islands were being flooded!


Yes. An old friend of ours called in great alarm.It was nice to hear from him, actually. Maui may have had some flooding. The winds were higher on the South-East of the Island, but there was not much rain anywhere.
I really believe that the deep cold waters around the Island and the tall mountains break up the storm. The two hurricanes that did hit in recent times were on Kauai. And they were devastating.

Cop Car

Love the graphic. Had to send it to some of our disaster response folks - including Hunky Husband.


We had an earthquake in the mountains near here a couple of months ago and within 15 minutes that photo was on Facebook.


Ingineer: That's classic.

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