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July 29, 2013



Glad you are OK

ALOHA from Honolulu
Comfort Spiral
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Yep. It's all over for us. Not even much rain. Fingers crossed for you all on Oahu.


Looks like the storm almost went around you, didn't it? So far I'm only seeing a rainbow outside my window. We've had some drizzles to light rain. City workers have been sent home. Shelters are set up. We've put tarps outside to shield our patio. Would be great if it fizzles out with just a little rain. We have a funeral to go to tomorrow on the windward side.

Cop Car

I was happy to hear the downgrade of Flossie, last night. Still...there's the rain. Good luck.

Kay Dennison

Keeping good thoughts for your well being!!!!


Cop Car: It's raining now. We've been needing a good soaking, so this is good.
Kay: Thanks for the kind thoughts.

Cop Car

Some of our Red Cross folks set up a shelter, last night, and are doing disaster assessment, today, for flooding in north central Kansas!


Was it raining like a monsoon around five a.m. yesterday, as a friend of mine said?

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