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August 10, 2013



It's the same director who did District 9 which I also didn't like. I'm sorry about Elysium though because I really like Matt Damon. Oh too bad... However, the beer and pizza sound good.

Cop Car

Safe travels!

Rain Trueax

Have a great trip. And take a look at rare side effects from your meds as it's surprising sometimes the things that they can do which is in the tiniest of tiny prints. Sometimes it takes going online with keywords and seeing how many people post on the subject where it didn't appear on a product website. Often if I know what's behind something, I can deal with it.

Pamela (LadyLuz)

Bon voyage Hattie. Stockholm is beautiful, and a river trip while eating a huge bowl of prawns and sinking local beer is a great experience. Have fun.


Just packing up and ready to go out the door. The river cruise sounds like a great idea. It is rainy, though, according to the weather report, but not cold.
I'll keep in touch.


I have still not figured out what it is you are doing in Sweden, but whatever it is, I am very interested. Have fun!!!


Z: Terry is doing some consulting work for a firm in Sweden, and I'm going along.


Have a safe flight to Sweden. It sounds as if you're flying from the mainland thereto.

Tickets are expensive and the Prince Kuhio theater is across town, so I'm very selective about movies. I can usually tell from the trailer if a movie is good or lousy, and this summer has had a lot of crap movies, most egregiously, The Lone Ranger. The best movies I saw this summer were The Heat and Monsters University. Elysium is by the director of District 9 (extremely overrated, it was even nominated for Best Picture!) so, no thanks. I'd have walked out, because you can recoup your money but not your time.


Brandon: Can you believe that The Progressive gave this thing a good review? And that Matt Damon is getting a reputation as a man of the left? I give up.


Feminema was rather hurt by my reaction to Elyssium. But anyone who wants a serious review might want to look at her blog. It's listed on the sidebar.

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