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January 28, 2014


Hank Chapin

I have similar feelings about going back to Ohio and touching bases with old friends. Quite a few are already dead or suffering from dementia, so I better do it soon if I do it at all.


Hank: And while I was gone a friend here in Hilo died.


Hank: Oh, and are you writing a memoir? You were in some fascinating places as an eyewitness to history, as they say.

Hank Chapin

C'est la vie, so to speak,


Thanks for the link to Franz Stuck. I knew the name vaguely but it was good to revisit his work. Not my thing either but he was certainly an influential teacher to some famous artists.


Glad to see you're back but I know the feeling of scattered old friends/rellies. Now or never thing. I panic a bit too.


Welcome back.

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