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January 28, 2014



Birds, Bees, Bugs, and Little Fishes?
My parents gave me that 10" album in about 1962.
Loved it.


We were fortunate to have such an individual among us -- barbara


having become deaf at age 27 or so, I knew little of pop music, especially by Segar. Was delighted today to learn that he produced "good night Irene." what a lovely song. i sang it all the way home from GIANT.


Annie: I think ours had the one about swallowing a fly.
Barbara: And yet he was reviled in some quarters and even blacklisted. Incredible.
M.E. Was that the movie? I looked at the sound track but did not find that song.

Cop Car

Strangely, I've never owned any of the vinyl records or CDs by Mr Seeger, although I've always known who he was. I remember "Goodnight, Irene" and "On Top of Old Smokey", the versions I knew were not by Mr Seeger! A bit later, I was not of the Flower Power generation.

ME--Re: "GIANT". Are you writing about a movie, a discount store, or what?


Cop Car: I was (am) pretty cynical about many aspects of the "love" generation and its freewheeling values, in good part because I was in SF in the 50s and felt that much of what came later was not something I wanted to associate myself with. But I do like to look before I leap and think spontaneity is overvalued.
Oh, and of course "rebellion" is nothing more than a consumer value these days. It's all about buying and selling, and "the man" is in control.
Gee. I AM cynical.


Gee Hattie, a little jaded there? :) He was one of a kind, old Pete and quite an icon to the draft dodgers who flooded our particular landscape in the good old sixties. Oh the stories from those days!! And yes, flowers were de rigeur to cheer our escapees.



WWW: Terry would have gone to Canada if he had been drafted. But he stayed in school and got a doctorate instead. Must have been quite something to have all that flower power around where you were!

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