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November 20, 2014



Speaking of grumpy, do you know of Grumpy Cat?
"There is something important about seeing people in person that I have learned about from books and articles and other media. Something about interactions, however short."

I met Roger Ebert on 13 November 1998 when the Palace Theater reopened. I've also met Lois-Ann Yamanaka, twice, when she gave readings of her books at Borders; Haunani Trask in 1999, also at Borders; and Ishmael Reed in February 1998 at UH-Hilo, but I didn't know much about his work beyond a letter he'd just had published in Harper's.

barbara judge

Bell Hooks is someone I would like to meet and talk with for five minutes also Alice Walker -- she is one cool dude as my boys used to say. Even non-writers have an uncanny ability to seize one up. I know a few of those. Good post -- barbara


I can completely relate to this post. Although I disagree about your being "old," I sometimes feel that the sweetness has fallen away. But maybe that's what brings out our natural selves and allows us to be more assertive now. Thanks, Hattie!


Brandon: That is an exceedingly grumpy-looking cat. I have never met Ismael Reed in person, but he did come over here once and try to give me a hard time. Forget what it was about.
Barbara: Alice Walker's daughter Rebecca came over and tried to give me a hard time, too. She has been very negative about her mother, and I think with very little justification.
Suzy: I do know women who have remained "sweet," but I think they are often naive. This is not true of Katha Pollitt, of course, and I really envy her for being able to avoid developing those defenses I feel are necessary to protect myself from harm (alas). Maybe if a woman is successful enough she can get by without these character changes.

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