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November 26, 2015



Happy Thanksgiving.


Enjoy the season of gratitude Hattie. And did you see the update on Trump where he mocked a handicapped reporter to raucous applause?

Gawd I hope I'm so wrong in predicting this effer as next president.


Cop Car

Sounds like you had a marvelous feast, Hattie. Good for you! We're waiting out the weather (we have about 1/3" of glaze from freezing rain, now - more expected) to see if we'll make it to our elder daughter's home for the family meal, today. Yesterday, she had a football-watching open house which we skipped.


Ingineer: Same to you. I appreciate your willingness to keep commenting here considering how mean I can be to you. For that I give thanks!
Wisewebwoman: Incredible. He is so much like the high school bullies who made my life hell when I was an awkward teenager.
Cop Car: Well, the weather has been lovely the past few days, but today it's raining. We are celebrating Buy Nothing Day! I think we would have skipped a football-watching open house, too.


That is nice of you to say. What can I say, I like Hawaii and I like talking politics. I don't take it personally and I learn things here.


I was trying to candy some lemon slices last week Sunday. It didn't turn out as I expected so I threw in a few prunes (we have a large bag we bought in October) and simmered both in the sugar syrup. It went very well with turkey. But we also had cranberry sauce.

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