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November 23, 2015


Ole Phat Stu

When I was in Milford Sound (late 1980s) , it was full of nasty biting midges :-(
You could reach out and grab handfuls of them :-(


Stu: Wonder if those are what we call gnats.
One of our group went on a hike that area with an overnight stay, arranged by Holland America, catching us up at the next port of call. She enjoyed it a lot. It cost her $1,500. which I thought was mighty pricey, so we skipped it.


What gorgeous scenery!


That looks like a beautiful place. $1,500 for an overnight hike?! Yikes that sounds expensive.


Ingineer: Yes. Ridiculous. This was not a cheap vacation, by any means, but we could have made it a lot more expensive if we had gone in for all the "extras."



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