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January 26, 2016





More on this tomorrow. I wish I could feel sorry about how this came out and for the man who was killed. It makes me feel hard-hearted. But these are the sworn enemies of people like me.


Thanks to you and to Brandon for pointing to the Corey Robbin article. I appreciate very much his insight that the role of the public intellectual is to call a novel public into being. (After all, I live with a minor public intellectual.) And I share his tempered hope that, in the cliche, "another world is possible."

Guess I must read TNC's current book. He's been an important intellectual influence on me, mostly by guiding my otherwise random reading on the US Civil War and the creation of US racial politics. But in interviews about this one, he seemed oblivious to women of all races and that won't do for me. Still, I should read it.


Jan: He was being specific about the threat to black bodies, but in so many places I could substitute "woman" for "black" and see that his understanding of oppression applies to women, too. So it's a breakthrough that way.
"Our moment is to brief, our bodies are too precious."

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