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October 16, 2016



I remember this essay.
Are you still using the Buddha Board?


Brandon: I revised it a lot, though, and could illustrate it better with what's now available on the Internet. And yes, I'm still using the Buddha Board. I'm thinking about doing a holiday art work for Halloween!


A nice intro to a painter new to me. I have missed so much of the great works and only know the very popular...those from France, Italy, Spain, and those Dutch painters, of course.


Tabor: Glad you like it! There is so much to see! I like all kinds of stuff, actually.


This is marvelous! I would never have encountered Spitzweg without your intervention. His Germany is utterly unknown to me.


Really interesting piece, I was glad to read this

Mage Bailey

That's fascinating stuff. I'd never heard of him. Thank you.

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