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December 16, 2016



It is rotten that he had to come in after a mess created by Bush and now leaves to face a mess being created by another idiot.


Enjoy your girlies. How wonderful.

Silver Willow

have a wonderful visit with your family!


You retweeted Krugman, who wrote that Obama "wimped out." About what?


Brandon: He said Obama "wimped out, bigly."I actually think he was just satirizing a Trump tweet. I believe Trump was the target of his criticism, not Obama.


Ever since the election, I've felt devastated, angry, frustrated and now... really, really tired.


Kay: Me, too. But my family is helping a lot, especially my young and hopeful granddaughters. My energy and will to live are gradually returning. It really is a loss, no doubt about it, and we will have to be on the defensive from here on in. We can't hope for betterment but just defending positions to keep things from being taken away from us.
It really is a shock to realize how much hate there is out there.


Love the orchid. O threw down his mike at the end. Fitting farewell. Time for Hill to shut up about the election I think. She sounds like a sorry loser. Historians will tell the tale, and both will be judged well.

As forbig T, he thinks he will tear everything up. We will see.


Dianne: It's moot. We don't deserve anything better. We are a craven bunch who can adapt to fascism readily enough.

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