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February 07, 2017



Glad you are feeling better. What would we do without our good friends?


That is great that you are feeling better.


Thanks. Just have to keep going.


Hang in there, friend!


I'm glad the procedure went well. And the photo is really good.

"If we can handle our situation from here we will."

So you might not move?


Glad all went well and you could make that blogger connection. Much to be said for the people in that Hawaiian environment you inhabit. Can sometimes take time to develop anywhere. Sending positive thoughts across the ocean your way.

Mage Bailey

Hope is magic stuff.


Delightful post. Take care. I will be thinking of you.


Cannot remember if I posted a comment. Duh! Take care. Thinking about you.


Saw this pic over at Kay's blog and now again here. You look fabulous and no one would know you are not well. Hope the procedure helped and you will continue to feel and look good.


It must be a big wrench to dispose of so many treasured books. But needs must etc.

Glad you're feeling better after the fluid draining.


It's a day by day thing. I do continue to feel better than I did for a while. Just going along with the program for now.

Pamela (LadyLuz)

I keep popping over to see how you are M and am so happy today that you feel good and are being well cared for.

Oh, what a wrench to be pruning your books. It sounds like you'll be hanging on to a fair few though.

Love to you xxx


We sure did love spending the afternoon with you both. It was definitely our pleasure. We know you're in good hands and will be keeping you in our hearts as you fight this.


You look amazing and I'm so happy things are going well for you.

Big hugs.


My gratitude is beyond expressing.

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