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March 21, 2017



You're feeling comfortable at this point and the vog is gone. Great news! It's helping me start off my day with a smile. On top of all this my aunt's brain surgery this morning was successful. The sun is shining...


Amazing what a serious health challenge will tell us about ourselves! Each post you sound so good!


So pleased to hear you are doing well and being grateful and strong too! Thanks for keeping us posted. Wish I were closer to give a hug and have a cuppa with you.


Wonderful! Wonderful! Glad all is going along well as you describe. There are those who continue to pursue the concerns we all have about what's happening in D.C.-land as we do what we can. Even your weather is cooperating.



Pamela (LadyLuz)

How lovely that the air is perfumed once again. And lovelier still after catching up with you over the last few days that you're keeping your spirits up and feeling marginally better with sleeping and eating good.

I admire your down-to-earth approach and your continuing curiosity about literature, politics, the world....even the dolt in the White House.

Thank you M for your wonderful spirit. xxxx


Cats and Hattie are always worthy. Be well.


You made my day. Delighted you are doing so well and that the sun is breaking sunbeams on your life.


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