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March 30, 2017



I hope the chemo is effective and you feel better soon.


With you in spirit. This is not an easy road. I have been there twice. It's a very lonely and intimidating road. But you will do it. You have wonderful support. Many good positive thoughts coming your way. You have no choice but to be brave and face this relentless cruel phase. It too will pass. Remember that. You are a strong woman and I know you will fight with all you've got. Don't ever give up!


We are thinking of you too. Hang in there and you don't have to wait until you have cheery news to post. Sending good thoughts from Texas.


Keeping good thoughts for you. Hang tough.


Rest all you possibly can and enjoy all the perks your husband can bring you.


Hang in there. Hope you feel better soon.


I also hope you feel better soon!

Toni larson

Remember only good things right now. I'll worry about Trump for you. Hug Terry and admire your orchids instead. Aunt Louise sends her best wishes along with mine.


Maybe it helps to remind yourself at all times that your cells a striving, striving, striving to recover and replenish their good intentions.

It also helps, in my experience (but my chemo dose is much lower as it is treating only an autoimmune disease), to clearly communicate how you feel to those who have access to remedies. Nausea and pain may translate as tummy upset and discomfort to many who have never been there and they may need to be told.

Sending you strength and patience in equal measure.

Pamela (LadyLuz)

Yes, as Toni says, admire your orchids and all the beauty around you. Stuff everything else.

Am thinking of you, dear M, and wishing you better times. xxxx

Esther Kottke

Hope you feel better, soon.

Mage Bailey

We are right there with you in spirit. We love ya.


I can't express what your support means to me.


Sorry to hear the chemo is getting rough. I hope you can keep going and that eventually it will bring results.


With you in spirit indeed! FWIW. Be well.

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