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March 20, 2017



The breakfast sounds wonderful and sitting out on the deck to have it sounds even more lovely.


My mother didn't go for exotic treatments herself. Everyone's cancer is different, but it's good to know your chemotherapy is working. And that the doctors and nurses are compassionate as well as competent.


Yummy breakfast! Always a good start to the weekend.

I'm glad you are getting good care. Sending good thoughts your way.


You are in my thoughts. I know this is a tough time for you, yet you seem to be coping very well. Keep enjoying those moments of joy. I hope you have many more.


You are doing just the right thing I think: enjoying a wonderful day with the people who matter. Thanks for checking in with you blog fans, dear lady! I am in awe of your level headed-ness.

Michael Strickland

"I understand why people in this situation panic and take to strange diets and other advice from strangers" is such a wonderful phrase. And I too am in awe of your level-headedness in this situation.


Thanks for sharing your ongoing journey with us dear Hattie and your oasis of calm with breakfasts and warmth and love.



I think you're wise to stick to conventional medicine. I've read so many horror stories of people trying all sorts of whacky treatments that either don't work or actually kill them.


Sounds like you are managing this complicated dance in a good way. This news is wonderful and all of your readers are cheering you on your way!

Mage Bailey

I was actually watching the news yesterday and thinking of you. I enjoyed that FBI director and thought he might have lightened your day too,.


Thank you for writing this down. Enjoyment is part of the medicine. I hope the visit with your doctor works out.

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