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March 23, 2017



You do sound like you are healing...really moving in a good direction. I think a good part of health is attitude. Keep yours positive.


By all accounts, the Trumpcare plan is totally half-baked and ill-considered and will mean a healthcare system greatly inferior to Obama's. I gather a lot of Trump voters are dreading Trump's plan as they will lose the coverage they were given under Obama.


I'm thinking about you, Marianna and sending healing wishes to you.


Thinking of you and admiring your spirit and forward thinking and unshakable activism.

45 is deplorable. Did you catch the Time interview? He sounds mentally impaired if one reads it aloud.


Mage Bailey

I am here every day but am trying very hard not too Trumpincate. Glad you are getting help. Trying to do it alone will sink your mental health. Hugs and smiles.


Glad to hear how it's going for you. Am sure the reprieve for ACÁ is welcome news. Cont to send positive thoughts your way.


Well, at least they haven't managed to destroy the health care system yet. Now we have to worry about what HHS Secretary Price can do mess with Obamacare administratively.

My good thoughts are with you.


Exactly. Without staff and funding programs can't function.

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