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April 28, 2017



I'm sorry to hear the port placement was so painful. But I'm glad to hear you're feeling better.
"Goodman, by using a quote from Gandy about Sanders, can sidestep the question as to what her own views are. She really is very clever."

Amy Goodman is leftist but she's a reporter before she's a commentator. Reporters and commentators both can do valuable work.

"I really want to see younger people in charge, especially young women."

Tulsi. :) But seriously, it will happen. The process seems slow sometimes. I'd like to see more independent parties myself. And the lack of strong third parties explains why Bernie ran as a Democrat, because he knew he couldn't get as far by running third-party.

What do you think of the Ann Coulter at Berkeley thing?

Pamela (LadyLuz)

M., I just cannot see you surrendering passively,
your mind is so lively. Thoughts are regularly with you, wishing you well. xxxx


Brandon: There are other women in politics that I prefer to Tulsi! Locally, Heather Kimball, Joy San Buenaventura and Jen Ruggles come to mind.
Pamela: It really is a struggle, though, not to succumb. My situation has become very complex, and I need a lot of help. I want to stay in my home above all. I don't want my husband collapsing due to caregiver stress, a lot of which is emotional. Really, no one can help much with that aspect of things. It's very personal.


Sorry getting the port was tough.

Re women in politics: Elizabeth Warren is clearly making a play for 2020. I like her, but like you, I'd prefer someone younger. In CA we have a good bench of younger ones. I saw my local supervisor in action this week and I sure hope that one stays in politics. She was prepared, smart, and fearless in the midst of a very angry public meeting. That's hard work.


Sorry about the misery of the port. Glad you're feeling better today.

Bernie has been on a mudslide for a while most recently with his support of an anti-choicer. Good grief. he is unprincipled.

Glad your team and fam are all cheering you on along with yoyr devoted blog readers.



Your being more political says to me that you are getting better and handling this health challenge as you should. Being passive becomes so seductive.

Poppa Zao


DeMint said to be insufficiently pro-Trump.


Poppa Zao

Just found that Caitlyn Jenner considering a run for office. http://www.cnn.com/2017/04/25/politics/caitlyn-jenner-run-for-office/

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