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April 22, 2017



Hi! We all need all the cheering up we can get these days! Hope you are feeling better!

Ruben Perez

I know you and all your folks are opposed to everything I stand for and believe in. I also know that I have resisted posting this message for several weeks now, but I have to say this.

Having been through five cancer treatments with friends and family who have gone through what you are going through now. If you put in a port, you will get an infection. 100% guaranteed. I know you don't like needles. The choice is needles or infection.

Bottom line, I wish this wasn't happening to you.

I wish it would have happened to me, in place of you. You bring more to the table than I do.

Don't know if you are religious or not, but in any case, God bless you.


Ruben: I don't really know what you stand for, but I do know that I am getting a port. My veins are not good and I'm on "blood thinning" medication and bruise very easily. Risk of infection is real, but it's only one of many hazards I face from treatment.
So far I have not had any indications that god is on my side where cancer is concerned. But chemo and drugs are keeping me going. Without them I would be dead by now.


Ruben: And by the way, thank you for providing a practically perfect example of concern trolling.

Mage Bailey

I suppose I need to go on twitter more. LOL


I hope the port installation goes well for you.


Mage: Heartily don't recommend. It's too addictive.


Brandon: Thanks. I truly am running out of usable veins!


And yet 94% of his supporters still think they made the right choice. What the heck?


"Donald Trump is who we are."

Not I, then, now, or ever.


Brandon: No, you are not like Trump at all! He is a flamboyant yet mediocre person who has had things handed to him because he's a rich white man.
Now we Americans can't escape our times and are forced into resistance. We thought our institutions were stronger than they are and totally have underplayed racism as a dominant theme in American life, and for the most part we aren't even talking about the blatant sexism that seems to be getting worse and worse.

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