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April 27, 2017



Oh, he is adorable!! I have two black cats, Henry and Duffy. But once we had a black cat named Snowflake.


Nope as a personality has to determine the name. For now you can call it "Cat."




BEAUTIFUL CREATURE...I have a five yr. old male the same colors - named Jaguar (aka Jag for short)....how about "Ebony" for your new little one? Take care.


Popoki is cat in Hawaiian.


Hattie - is he yours? If so, how are you resisting the urge to give him some health care name? Like ... Hippa? Orrr .. Doc.


My gorgeous black cat was Walter as he walked with that slight lurch of the actor Walter Mathieu.

As soon as I saw your boy the name Nero came into my mind. Out of the blue. No prior association.

Lovely boy.


Pamela (LadyLuz)

Now this is weird. I looked at this gorgeous kitty and thought "Nero", then scrolled to the comments. WWW - great minds and all that! xxxx


Those ears appear to be picking up extra-terrestrial signals. Like 'Mars'.
I have had two black cats--both mischievous and very long-lived (20 and 21 years). There is nothing more fun to watch than a kitten. He will be good medicine for you.


Oh joy! Morty is occupying my lap and I am trying to get him to notice his fellow feline. He is uninterested. He does respond to big cat movies from National Geographic, but I think what draws him is the movements ...

Cop Car

Satan - because he looks like he might have a little devil in him. Darling cat!




I like Lucifer!

I think the name has to just come to you. I've gotten an outside cat and his name is Ricky Shabazz. It is what came to me instantly and I think it fits.

This cat is very charming, and I am in love with him just from this picture.

Laura Keith

(Felix the cat, the wonderful wonderful cat from 60' s cartoon)

Laura Dunlap Mello

I like the looks of this cat. He is obviously very full of fun and ready to go. Nero has dark overtones and might harm his psyche. Likewise Lucifer and Satan would not be good for him. How about Chaircat Mao? Mao for short?

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