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May 30, 2017



So glad to hear that you are feeling better. As I recently told another friend, keep fighting the good fight. It's all you can do.


I'm glad you're feeling better. I didn't know there'll be an eclipse this August.
Check out the Reed college homepage. There's a link to an editorial by Darius Rejali, etc.


Thanks, Brandon. Darius was one of my profs,as I guess you know. I took a course from him called Comparative Revolutions. Brilliant man.


Ooh machetes no can't read. Too much horror in the world.

But you do sound good and that's great. David Drum was so riiiight I stopped reading him a while back. I remember his writer wife was weird and Stepford so I avoid him.



Well, Frum can no longer tolerate Trump or the Republicans. He's trying to reclaim the high ground for "real" conservatism.


Agree that Frum is positioned to give insight. Most of my life I've doubted the visual images that showed left and right as circling back on each other and connecting -- but Trump really does obliterate right and left and leave those with some principles and human decency in one place, and those, like him, elsewhere.

Hence #nevertrump foks provide sanity.

Cheers to you!


Jan: Well put. It's a matter of principles and human decency.

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