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May 25, 2017



So sorry for the changes that chemo brings. It is a war and you must remain the warrior. Kitty looks like an inkblot in that photo.


Tabor: The metaphors of war and warrior bother me. In any case, the chemo brought me back from almost dead. I was so sick, you have no idea, so I may be "fighting" the cancer but not the chemo! The most important things to me are to eat well, get enough rest and enjoy life as much as I can. My little kitty helps me a lot,as he is a total delight now that he has gotten tamer. Rescuing the little guy and being his helicopter mom is a real pleasure. He's going in for a checkup today.

Silver Willow

Chemo Brain is very well established. I hope it doesn't affect you too much more. And glad you have a wonderful nurse-advocate! :: hugs ::

Celia Andrews

Sorry about the chemo brain but your thought processes are functioning. You are so right on about the left-right trope, so inaccurate it's useless. Glad to hear you can stay home for the procedure. Hugs to you.


Sounds like you're managing to go with the flo, so to speak, with the chemo brain. Encouraged plans of Bannon & Trump not progressing as they desire, but we have a long way to go yet. Continued indications of Russia-placating by failure to pledge U.S. NATO support Putin-pleasing. -- well, goal is future personal family business enhancement.


You write as sharply as ever. Trump's ignorance and blustering buffoonery is more visible now. Theresa May calling him out for leakage was another blow.

Sorry to hear about your chemo brain. And Sparky is adorable.



Good news all around. Esp. the nurse and the cat!!

Have you watched this:



Good long time leftie that I am, I'm appreciating a lot of people who have been cozy with US imperial fantasies in the past in this Trump era. Like Anne Applebaum at the Wapo for example. Honesty counts.

A hell of a lot of good people have struggled throughout the history of this rich and terrible land to make it a decent place and I'm not about to throw their accomplishments away for a boorish ignoramus with delusions of grandeur. Greed and rapine are not our only history.

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