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May 17, 2017



"Today I'm listening to soulful Elizabethan music"...

Any musicians in particular?


Look up William Byrd on You Tube. Maybe check Wikipedia for an entry on Elizabethan music. Lots of wonderful performances of the particularly rich music of the era.


Good! You're definitely better. The wealthy you describe, including DJT, have no idea what it means to be like the middle class at any level, or the poor, whatever their motivations. Why people believe they would is beyond me. Enjoy your music!


I've always found English Royalty a slightly demented strata of society. The costumes and carriages, the waves to the peasants. The adulation of the peasants for the twits. There was something truly refreshing about the off with their heads days.

You sound good ma'am.



Now I am worried about all those politicians who are pretending this is not a Constitutional crises.


As you say, the absurdity of the Royals pretending to be just like you or me. And the government throws millions at them without a murmur. They've just agreed to pay £370 million for renovating the Palace, on top of the £600,000 spent on drawing up the plans for the refit. Meanwhile under the Tories' latest wheeze, people will have to sell their homes to pay for prolonged care for elderly relatives.

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