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May 27, 2017



I'm sad, angry, frustrated and fearful where our country is headed.


Kay: And I just read that the third victim, who survived, is a student at Portland State University, where I got my undergraduate degree.


I know about Reed College. My daughter went to Linfield College in McMinnville. We are headed that way later this summer. This horrible incident in Portland just blew me away. Never, in a million years, would I have predicted such a horrible person causing such terror in Portland.


More than upsetting. This morning I got into an online argument with a family friend who complained that Hillary did not come out in solidarity with the Manchester victims (the usual litany) and when I asked where was the WH on this one, silence.

Cloudia Charters

Angry white men yelling in the street. America 2017


The yelling, the floods of profanity are symptoms of fascism. Hateful speech acts escalate into violence.


Erudite Partner is a Reedie. I had to go be political at UC Berkeley, but many of our closest people took a softer and probably more academically demanding root through Portland.

The angry white men are symptoms of fascism, but where we are even more seeing this is among the empowered ICE/CBP agents who terrorize immigrant communities and those they consider Other.


Jan: I wonder what ICE is up to around here. Hard to find out.


Jan: The academics at Reed are great. But, as I have observed elsewhere, my real political education took place at Portland State: academic politics at a public umiversity where, as one of my profs put it, the infighting is terrible because the stakes are so low!
If I were not so lazy, I could write a book.


This attack was horrible and is being denounced by everyone in the country including the President. It seems the attack in Mississippi that happened almost the same time is being covered completely differently.


Ingineer: Huh? I am reporting on a murder that happened in a city where I lived for ten years, involving people who went to the same schools I did. So l'm supposed to be sure to report also on something that happened in Mississippi in circumstances that I know little about? Others who are close to that situation would have better things than me to say about it.
The blame for what's happening now lies squarely on the Republicans, on racists and cultural chauvinists, not on people like me. They are the dupes.

Poppa Zao

@Ingineer: You're talking about the guy who shot eight, right?


Yes the guy that shot 8 including a police officer. Hattie, I find it a little disingenuous for people to blame the President or the Republicans for the actions of a racist whack job Bernie supporter that lives in one the most liberal cities in America unless they are similarly going to blame the Democrats for an African American whack job that kills a bunch of church people and a cop. When Dylan Root did something like that even Anti-Capital Punishment folks were for giving him the death penalty.


I personally am not to blame for any of this stuff.


I agree that you are not and neither am I. In reality you and I probably have fairly similar views on these types of incidents.


Ingineer: Yes, I agree that we both probably feel that it's wrong to murder people.

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