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May 25, 2017



Ah-h-h, hope Sparky better soon. What a money picture to contend against.

Celia Andrews

Get well Sparky. I'm learning things I never expected hear about. Not happy. Keep on resisting though.

Mage Bailey

My friend Poolie has cancer, She too is rabid on the topic of trump. I'm getting her a "RESIST" shirt. She's already wearing a hat with ITMF ...impeach the M....er.

Facebook is a far, far happier place.


"his vapid relatives"

Like his sons and their business deals?

"That's why a rich man can assault a reporter and then get elected to Congress"

Many of the ballots were cast early, before this incident. Without early voting, would Gianforte have won? It's likely he still might have: 1. The district is heavily Republican; 2. People may not condone his attack but they'd rather vote for a Republican or not at all than for a Democrat; 3. Some people think reporters in general are weaselly bastards, and that the Guardian reporter provoked him.


Brandon: About 70% had already voted by mail by the time this incident happened. Three newspapers withdrew their endorsements. There are always the diehards, of course.

Poppa Zao



Money is getting to be more and more important in UK election campaigns as well. The Tories raise huge amounts of money from their wealthy big-business backers, and Labour struggles to keep up. But Labour is gaining ground even without massive funding, as the voters get increasingly disillusioned by the endless slashing of public services in the name of "austerity" and "paying our way".


Actually, I think Quist did pretty well. He was a flawed candidate in a very difficult state. So was Gianforte.

We have these sorts of money discrepancies in local elections in San Francisco. Where the candidates are all just blah, the money wins. A good candidate can beat the money, but it takes subtlety, guts, and brains.

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