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May 26, 2017



"Sparky is a little treasure!"

Yes he is. I'm glad he's feeling better. And that's a deluxe scratching post, with a perch on top too.

Mage Bailey

Yes, look at him bouncing. What a cutie. :)


I'm so glad Sparky is better!

How are you feeling? What is next on your treatment plan?


I've had three rounds of chemo and will start another round next week. Today I had a thoracentesis, where the doc tapped my pleural cavity and took out 1,200 ml of excess fluid. That means I can breathe properly now and have more stamina.
So, for the time being, all is well!


Glad to hear both you and Sparky had your lung restoration. 😉

I don't understand Superpacs. They sound illegal if they can control votes by money alone.


Silver Willow

glad he's okay!

Celia Andrews

So glad you and Sparky are feeling better. Like treatments with rapid good effects.


He's great!!!


I see Sparky understands the cat imperative to sit on your paragraph ... how do they learn that?


He is amazingly accomplished for his age.

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