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June 18, 2017



The ears on that cat are intriguing. He looks almost like a sculpture.

Mage Bailey

What a charmer he is...and what a nice card and thumper too.


"If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all" is a worthy sentiment, but it would stop us saying anything about Trump, or Theresa May, or many other glaring horrors of the modern world.


Tabor: There is something strange and unique about him. Lots of black cats in the world, but Sparky is special. Terry says it's because he's a Scheffer!
Mage: My father was not exemplary, but he stuck around, mostly. And he was the breadwinner. He was too young when I was born: only 19. The problem was that he didn't think families were fun, and he did not get much pleasure out of children.
Nick: We are horror struck. We huddle together saying, "Ain't it awful," and wondering if our efforts can make any difference or if the Trump train is just going to roll over us.


"Stay off the table", indeed -- only when you're looking! He is cute.

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