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June 13, 2017



I listened to the introductory remarks but could not stomach Sessions. Turned the radio off and took a nap. I have decided to take a news fast for a few days and just focus on things that are beautiful and peaceful and happy.

I am so glad you are feeling well enough to tend your beautiful orchids.


Good description. He was wearing thin after just an hour. Such a snowflake. He should watch the stamina an strategy of Clinton to get his act together.


We watched for while on the BBC out of curiosity (like watching a strange movie from an even strange corner of the world). What's his thing with the royal 'we'? Or is he several people in one?


Love that German has a word for this 'good ol' boy.' :-)

Mage Bailey

I turned it on but left the sound off. They gave updates along the bottom of his remarks for folks like me. All I could do was laugh.


At five-foot-seven Sessions is on the short side of average. But his looks are elfin. I could see Leslie Jordan portraying him, however.



Also, I woke up at 7:45 a.m. and heard about Scalise, et al., being shot. When did you hear about it?


Brandon: Around 6 a.m. via Twitter. For those people, it's quite another matter when the guns are aimed at them.

Celia Andrews

Love learning a great new word, Giftzwerg! He is such a toad.


Ingineer: I'm tired of your nonsense and am banning you, because your ignorance is bringing down the tone of my blog. You and others like you have been allowed to get away with too much, and it's got to stop. My small contribution!


Getting caught up. Oh my those orchids! What a circus of politics. Between the Maybot and 45 and his henchmen. Our Canadian heads keep swivelling back and forth as we chomp on our nachos.

Great new word!


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