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June 14, 2017



I was hoping that you would post some orchid photos. They are gorgeous!


Glad to oblige!

Mage Bailey

Just lovely...thanks.


Your orchids are always amazing and beautiful! I received a lovely white phalaenopsis orchid for my birhtdya last February amd only now the first of the flowers on it are now falling... they lst that long!

Great to read that you are doing so well, dear Hattie!


Oh how I wish I could visit all you far-flung friends. You are the best!


Love to see your orchids!

Pamela (LadyLuz)

I'm just catching up with you after a week in the Sierra Nevadas and then overnight with D in hospital for the last 7 days. He had a mini-stroke out of the blue and another in the meanwhile.

So good to come and read your stuff, beautiful orchids, delightful kitty and you so involved, engaged, upbeat and your usual witty, expressive self. Thanks M for the tonic at a difficult time for us. xxxx

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