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June 12, 2017



Glad that you are feeling well enough to cook again. That is a huge step. Even when I'm under the weather, I don't want to cook. Or eat.

The chair is pretty rad. Glad to know it works for you.


Wonderful news. Walking, enjoying your home cooked food. All of this is good, very, very good


I'm so glad you are feeling well enough to walk and visit with your neighbors and to do some cooking even! I love a good gazpacho and you are so right about thyme in soups! I usually use dried rather than fresh thyme.
That chair looks absolutely fabulous. Is it one that massages too?


I have time to read this because I'm cooking a soup. One of the virtues of soups is that they require only sporadic attention as the flavors meld.

Will have to try your gazpacho.


Feeling a deep sense of gratitude to read that you are resuming your normal activities. Mahalo for schooling us though your example.


I've not had gazpacho in such a long time. You would think it's the perfect treat for the weather we've been having. I'm jealous! That chair is fabulous!


Thanks for all the good wishes!
Cloudia: Are you still in Hawaii, or did you move to the Mainland? I hope all is well with you!


The chair looks awesome. Brilliant that you're​ on the cooking hob again and cruising the neighbourhood on foot.

Lovely Monday news.



I'm glad you're feeling much better.

Where did you get the chair? Agasa, Yamada, Furnitureland, Kaloko, or another place?


Wisewebwoman: Feeling very good this a.m. too and getting ready to watch the Sessions testimony.
Brandon: Furniture Land. Very expensive, worth every penny.


So glad you're feeling well enough to go out walking and do some cooking! That's very welcome news. And the chair looks pretty cool!


After so many months, you must have greatly enjoyed strolling round the hood and catching up with your neighbours' lives. Lots of home improvements going on in our area too. Some of them rather odd!

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