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June 28, 2017


Mage Bailey

Love your office. My erstwhile hippy husband enjoyed his ladies. His dope too. I was a failure as a dope smoking hippy type wife, instead I was a student mom with two jobs and a love of rose wine. :) Many of us are all still out here with the echoes of our politics and bad habits still hanging in there to haunt some of us.


Marge: I was just lucky.

Celia Andrews

Love the mirror solution. Being well with cancer is full time work.

Missed the hippie stage, too pragmatic I think. I finished college in '64 and managed by July to find a decent job. A couple of visits to communes were all it took to see scullery maid status of women didn't interest me.


As sharp as ever Hattie. The clay feet of these big important men. I see Cardinal Pell stumbles today taking destroyed lives of countless children to his level of lies and fabrications with Frankie blessing him.

So sorry to hear of your frustration. I gave it too but nowhere near your level. These old carcasses impede our ambitions.



Your comments on hippie men neatly echo my latest post about the sixties and those supposedly revolutionary men who still treated women as attractive chattels. There were a lot of positives about that time, but also a lot of very regressive tendencies.

My recent operation revealed a trace of prostate cancer. I'm now due for an MRI scan to see if there are traces anywhere else. Cancer is horribly prevalent.


I hope you feel better.

@Nick: I hope no traces turn up in your MRI scan.


Cleaver was really ridiculous. And the Cuban descriptions there are hilarious (and accurate)!

I still don't understand how people think Clinton has anything to offer except as not-Trump, or why the more liberal Sanders proposals are considered so demonic.


Z: Maybe it's my age and living where I do and being financially well off that make me less and less enthusiastic about iconoclasm. I know a lot of people who backed Sanders, and so far they have reaped no benefits for their causes.


Nick: Hope it's nothing or not too serious.

Cop Car

Never having been west of the Rockies at the time, and having no TV receiver, I was spared most of the hippie stuff. Didn't understand what I heard about it, either.

Invalidism is for the birds. Would that it were possible for any of us to spare you the frustration and pain!


You are absolutely right on most of those hippie men. Since I wasn't interested in men, if they noticed at all, it was as an enemy. Oddly, I've always gotten on well with secure men who had managed to grow up -- not easy when men routinely avoided maturity so easily.


Some guys are fun but not serious, and some are serious but not fun. I lucked out, because Terry is both serious and fun!


Was your birthday on the twenty-fifth?


But how are old-style liberal Democratic policy proposals iconoclastic?

It strikes me that there might be two main differences between me and most people:

1/ I don't have tv. I've rarely heard the voices of either Clinton or Sanders. They both have ugly voices and awful accents. If I didn't stick to the printed page as much as I do, I'd probably have visceral negative reactions to both.

2/ I don't use perceived personality as my criterion for voting. People seem to do this, vote on affect.


Brandon: On the 29th. I'm 78!
Z: I watch news clips, etc. online with subtitles if possible and usually without the sound but will watch entire Maddow programs. I prefer transcripts where available.
The mainstream Democrats believe in institutions and upholding them. That is the way the Hawaiian Senators are. That also means a lot of catering to the military, unfortunately, and in this they resemble their constituents.
I've seen the way progressive groups break up because everyone wants to be superior. I had my fling with the Greens, and that taught me to be wary. Most of them have done well personally, but the Party is dead.
I'm following a Bernie inspired person, Nina Turner, on Twitter. She is leading a small movement that has swept up a lot of progressives who refuse to compromise with the Democrats but instead demand to take over. I admire some of these people, have read their books and so on, but I suspect that some charismatic figure will come along and they will fall in line behind him. There is no way they can carry elections on their own (Obama, remember? I gave Move On so much money, and they turned it over to the Obama campaign without consulting me. Later on they asked me if I'd like to put on a bake sale for Obama! This last election I gave candidates $50.00 total.)
I ask: Are Americans capable of learning from experience, or are we just a bunch of bloody fools?


Happy belated birthday.

"I had my fling with the Greens, and that taught me to be wary. Most of them have done well personally, but the Party is dead."

I helped with Keiko Bonk's 1999-2000 mayoral campaign. She did pretty well even against Harry Kim. It's something to look into, how the Greens flourished in the 90s and are barely around now.


Well, I think the Democrats really need to move back left. Bill Clinton did so much harm to the country and the party. If they don't do something for working people sometime, they'll keep losing voters to Trump or to nobody. I know they think they have to get more and more conservative to win, but at a certain point who and what will be winning, if the trend continues further?


Brandon: I was very involved with the Greens and gave them a lot of money. Silly of me, in retrospect. The attitude toward me was that, as an affluent woman, I should be supporting their endeavors, and I deserved to be played. I don't want to name names here, but one of them in particular was a rip-off artist who got $1,000 off me [which she used to pay her bills and have a fun holiday]. Good experience, taught me to be sufficiently cautious when around guilt-tripping leftists with an agenda. [All those people I know about found a niche somewhere and are doing OK now. They did not stay friends when they realized I was wise to their con.]
Z: Clinton was very destructive, but most of us went along with him, because times were good.
I'm stepping back and asking myself what kind of a country we are, really. It seems that we are divided into factions that are not powerful enough to take complete control and often act out of a throttled sense of unique entitlement. The fraction that Trump represents is creating a disaster comparable to the Vietnam War. And our perpetual wars go on. This has always been my gripe both with Hillary Clinton and Obama and really many politicians I otherwise admire. But how do you wish away the military? Racism and militarism are our two worst problems.
As long as we don't have a draft, domestic protest will not mean much. Maybe we should bring conscription back!(Only kidding! Consumers would never stand for that!)
It could be that we really need a civilian army.


Yes, I hearken back to a time when Americans were something more than mere consumers. These days, if you can't buy it or sell it, it doesn't exist.


I'm so sorry for all you have to go through. You have a wonderful daughter who must be an excellent cook to prepare all those meals for you both.

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